Englisch Kl. 9 - 12

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The English program at GISNY has been developed toward the fulfillment of our school's mission, which emphasizes academic rigor, critical thinking and global citizenship.  Grade 9-12 English students encounter and grapple with questions that progressively broaden their academic and cultural knowledge, deepen their reading comprehension and analysis skills, enhance their writing strategies applied to a variety of formats, and refine their delivery of oral communication.  We support the development of all of our high school English students with regard to their previous experience with the English language and their educational and career goals. Weekly extra help sessions are strongly promoted to newer students to ease their transition into the native level high school English classes. The Honors English Program offers US college preparatory and Advanced Placement course work to academically qualified, highly motivated GISNY students. All GISNY students who successfully graduate with both the German International Abitur and the high school diploma will have met or exceeded the English requirements for eligibility to study across the globe, including in the United States and the United Kingdom.   

Content and Competencies


9th Grade  - Identity and Social Justice

Students are introduced to different genres and encouraged to reflect, make connections, and respond to texts in a variety of ways while exploring the theme of social justice. Readings include current events, novels, short stories, epics, poetry, speeches and drama. Students will analyze literary devices, evaluate arguments and evidence and conduct research projects on topics generated from class and/or independent reading. They will learn to create viable thesis statements for essays and presentations, draft and edit essays and generate open-ended questions for class discussion. Students work with grade appropriate vocabulary and spelling texts. Grammar and mechanics instruction includes clauses, as well as sentence frames and variety.

Texts: Into Literature Grade 9, Independent Novels

10th Grade - Multiple Themes as expressed in Comedy and Tragedy

Tenth grade students will closely examine novels, speeches, essays, short stories, dramas, and other literary works to respond to essential questions concerning various themes as they continue to broaden their analytical reading, writing and listening skills. Students will learn to understand author's purpose, use of literary/ stylistic devices, and the desired effect; synthesize information from a variety of texts to respond to various prompts; write to interpret, evaluate, and negotiate differing perspectives; apply analytical, critical, creative, and reflective strategies to published, personal, and peer generated texts; apply MLA documentation rules; develop speaking and listening skills that build capacity for effective communication; use research to address and present a significant topic, problem, or issue; and continue to engage in text-focused discussions. They will continue to hone their grammar and mechanics skills.

Texts: Into Literature Grade 10, Independent Novels

11th Grade – The American Experience

This course is devoted to the study of American Literature from the colonial period to the present and examines the development of the American character and culture through the study of literature, art, music, and film. This course should develop an appreciation of American literature as well as an awareness of how our literature reflects the nation’s history.

 Eleventh grade students closely examine speeches, essays, personal narratives, short stories, dramas, and informational and literary works depicting the struggle to define oneself and find one’s place in society while engaged in the quest to attain “the American Dream”. Students will employ a range of writing strategies to produce an effective response to a prompt; identify areas in their own writing in need of improvement and confer with teachers; continue development of personal voice in their writing; compose expository essays that interpret and/or analyze works; sustain a compelling controlling idea and integrate well-chosen evidence; employ a variety of rhetorical strategies and organizational techniques; recognize and correct wordiness in their writing and employ a variety of sentence types; apply MLA documentation rules; use research techniques and processes to produce, publish and present speeches, as well as narrative and expository projects. They will continue to hone their grammar and mechanics skills.

Texts: Into Literature Grade 11 - American Literature, Independent Novels

12th Grade – British Literature

Students will study British literature in a survey course that examines representative texts from the Anglo Saxon era to the current day.  The class is structured chronologically, but within each era, we will examine an important thematic issue.  The class emphasizes close critical reading, rigorous class discussion, formal analytical essays, personal and creative responses to texts, independent reading projects and oral presentations. 

Students will analyze challenging texts, exploring how literary devices and techniques express meaning; understand the cultural and socio-historical context for the texts in order to enrich understanding of the texts as well as British history and culture; write sophisticated, cohesive, developed essays analyzing the texts; engage in research on topics relevant to the texts to strengthen critical thinking, close reading and analytical writing skills; write informational, analytic, personal and creative responses in which development, organization, and style are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience and enhance meaning; participate in rigorous, textually based classroom discussion; demonstrate mastery of English grammar and mechanics and develop their individual authorial voices; revise, edit, and peer review their writing.

Texts: Into Literature Grade 12 – British Literature, Independent Novels