Spirit Wear Schulshop

Our SpiritWear Shop is currently only online available,

please email to marketing@gisny.org for your order.

Payment options are cash, check, or Venmo:


Limited sizes available on our clothing items.  

Our lastest arrivals

Eddie the Eagle -  $12 (6" tall) 

GISNY Notebook

GISNY Notebook -  $10 (5x7")

Youth Gildan Hoodie $30

Youth Ultra Club Tee $25

Youth C. R. Fleece $40

Youth S M Cap $15

Champion Adult Hoodie $40 (sold out)

Adult Charles River Fleece $45

Ladies Under Armour Fleece $69

Men Under Armour Fleece $69

Ladies Under Armour Tee $39

Ladies Under Armour Tee $39

Men Under Armour T-Shirt $39

Men Under Armour T-Shirt $39

Fleece-lines Beanie Hat $20 (sold out)

Fleece-lines Beanie Hat $20 (sold out)

Nike Swoosh Cap $30

GISNY Water Bottle $20 / customized $25

GISNY Wasserflasche

Sturdy Multipurpose Bag $10

GISNY Coffee Mug $10

GISNY Portrait Tea Towel $10

Majagwa Marimba CD $10

Eddie the Eagle, $12 (6inches)

GISNY Spirit Wear T-Shirt, $20